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Each home is unique and we will tailor a market analysis that reflects this uniqueness.

Selling Resale Properties in Vancouver

Tailored to you, your home and your lifestyle.



March 11, 2019

Each property is unique, so we will start by viewing your home and preparing a market analysis. We will discuss market trends, recent area sales and potential timing. Together we will decide on the marketing, timing, pricing and most importantly discuss the best strategy of buying or selling first to minimize your risk. If you will be doing both, we will also present our vision of how to best present your home and connect you with relevant trades.


March 11, 2019

Pre-listing preparations can include anything from ready-to-go to partial renovation. Using our trusted and reliable network of trades, we will project manage the work to get the home ready for sale. Our trades include a painter, handyman, electrician, contractor, cleaner, plumber, designer and stager. This process will align the look and feel of your property with the chosen pricing strategy to form a cohesive marketing package and value proposition. Some examples are:

  • Staging – full or partial stage using existing furniture and arranging storage for existing pieces
  • Renovations – adding a dishwasher, fixing wood floors, removing popcorn ceilings
  • Electrical – removing fluorescent lighting
  • Small Updates – changing door knobs, closet doors, new kitchen backsplash, repairing wear and tear, painting select walls or entire re-paints
  • Project Management – our team will coordinate this process, and we can take the load off your shoulders
  • Please see before and after for examples of before and after photos


March 11, 2019

Once your property is listed, it is essential to give it ample exposure. We will ensure that all showing requests are met and we will do a sneak peeks and realtor open houses followed by regular weekend open houses at strategic times. On occasion, we will put on catered public or realtor events to attract strategically-selected buyers or realtors. Even if you have an accepted offer, we continue to show the property until we are sure you have a firm deal in place.


March 11, 2019

The offer stage can be nerve-racking but with our comparables set and an understanding of the property’s value, the negotiation process will play out with offers and counter-offers until you are happy. The presentation of the offer may be in person or through other means of communication, but this is when we ensure we provide the most updated market comparables and analysis to ensure you’ve made the best decision on the most crucial terms such as price, date and subjects that the buyer proposes.


March 11, 2019

Congrats – you now have an accepted offer on your property. During this period, we provide relevant documentation to the seller and provide access for the inspector and appraiser. During this period we expertly triage the situation to swiftly bring it to a firm deal.


March 11, 2019

Your deal is now firm – you have received subject removal and the buyer’s brokerage has the deposit held in trust. During this period, you will liaise with your lawyer to prepare for conveyancing of title and, of course, clean, pack and prepare to move. If this has been an investment property, we can assist you as well. We will link you with all necessary individuals to make the final handover seamless.


The synthesis of price and presentation of strategy is key.



Determining the list price when selling a property is both an art and a science. It is essential to understand that the list price is a marketing tool to showcase your home and attract the right buyers, so it needs to be spot on and it may not be set at market value. Getting the price wrong is the most significant reason why a property doesn’t sell or takes longer to sell than it should.

Getting it right takes intellect and experience. This is where Andrew Lasko PREC’s financial and marketing/sales experience intersect to make sure that your home sells for the highest price possible.



How does your property show? Staging has a significant influence on properties selling faster and for higher prices than those that are not staged. Even doing a partial staging can help. At Lasko + Associates, we are so convinced of the power of staging that we reduce our fee to allow more in your budget to stage.

If the property is tenanted, we work with the tenant to make sure the property shows well or we arrange to sell at a time that is more conducive to maximizing the price. Other considerations with regards to presentation include the time of year and if upgrades or fixes need to be made. We have a full service team of trades who make our clients properties a priority.



Lasko + Associates marketing always includes a 4-page feature sheet, professional photographs, 2D or 3D floor plans, social media marketing with paid placement, inter-brokerage marketing, relationship/word-of-mouth marketing, targeted emails and verbiage tailored to the unique story we weave about your home that targets the ideal buyer. We also offer additional marketing options including video & drone footage and local newspaper advertisements. Our website provides a specific URL link to your property that you can circulate and all of our brightly coloured, custom signage makes your listing stand out. As part of the strategy, we try to make sure that ALL showing requests are accommodated.